Geeepsy's Biography

Geeepsy, (Godfrey) is a French photographer who has lived in Taiwan for many years.

He started studying photography at age 16 at college in France. He worked as a collaborator with two renowned French photographers in Paris and later spent 4 years as a country director for a French advertising company before moving to Taiwan.

In Taiwan he worked as a consultant for a large group, and then spent 8 years in the magazine business as a reporter, photographer and chief-editor, working on a wide range of subjects and magazines.

His experience in photography is rather broad, starting with film cameras (Canon, Nikon, Mamiya) and covering all aspects of photography from shooting, to darkroom, to printing. Following the world trend, a few years ago he moved on to digital photography, digital editing, and graphic design.

After a 2-year stint in China, he finally decided to open his own studio in Taipei, focusing on commercial photography and on personal artworks. His artworks are exhibited and sold in Taiwan and abroad.

To Godfrey, photography is about technique and creativity. A good photographer who has mastered technique should be able to work on any style, while producing high-quality work, and blending in with the clients’ ideas and concepts.

“Since Thomas Edison, light is easy to create – controlling the shadows is the trick.”





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