Our clients are from several fields:

  1. Magazines, brands, corporations, industries.
  2. Modeling, PR and Media agencies
  3. Event planners
  4. Photographers, photo clubs, associations
  5. Amateur photographers & artists
  6. Private individuals & corporations

In the past, Geeepsy has worked and collaborated with many major brands/magazines/corporations; among others: Body Magazine, WeMen magazine, WOW Taipei, Taipei City Guide, Lifestyle Magazine, Taipei Gourmet Guide, WEN culture magazine, Italian and French fashion shows, Toyota, Cogito, Carven, US Polo, L'Oreal, Makeup Forever, Bluebell group... He also did Photos and web design for several Int'l websites, and shot a number of celebrities.

More recent works include Asia Colors, Photo Magazine, Six Senses Hotels & Spas, Kiki design, EMS models, Runway Models, Top-Ten, Ogawa, Seabreeze Yachting magazine, DIOR, China Boating magazine, TATLER magazine...


To: Book a MODEL, Book the STUDIO, Book a SHOOTING, Request a QUOTATION, Buy an ARTWORK, please download the BOOKING form, and email to us.

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Got spare time and want to learn photography? The best way is to spend some time as an assistant... We are looking for a decorator, good make-up artists, hairstylists and wardrobe stylists for collaboration.

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