Professional models
If you are a male or female professional model in need of a portfolio facelift, or you want to add new looks to your portfolio please contact us, we offer special conditions.

Wannabe models
Here you are sitting and dreaming of being a model. Maybe a part-time model to start with, maybe a superstar in the future? Let your dreams come true; try it!
We can guide you through that process, and help you create a look that matches your personality and a market niche. So to start with, download the application form here, and send to us with a few photos for scrutiny. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. (Photos under 1MB – at least one face photo, one full length standing photo, and one photo without any makeup).

Shooting preparation
If you are going on a shoot, you should be fully ready and prepare a few things. Even if you are a pro, you might forget something at times.
You can download our advice in pdf format here:
What to do: photoshoot preparation
What to bring: shooting accessories

We are glad to collaborate with agents. Please contact us with your inquiry!






Got spare time and want to learn photography? The best way is to spend some time as an assistant... We are looking for a decorator, good make-up artists, hairstylists and wardrobe stylists for collaboration.

Email us to inquire